» » ßεαming with Confidεncε [ intro // open ]


• •  ✽  }    Anna listened with great interest. The blonde had explained it like she expected and more. It must’ve been nice to feel life at its fullest, to be so… so passionate about something. Even if it something dangerous like fighting, but to the other, it was what made her feel alive. Anna respected that.

" I can tell this is something you really care about. If you’re good at something you’ve wanted to do, why shouldn’t you? Right? Especially if it makes you feel that excited about life. "


Anna had thought up an idea too amidst all that. She couldn’t help wringing her fingers in to one hand once more at the thought of asking though. Hopefully this wouldn’t come off as some silly, foolish request… Or something like that. She really did feel sincere about this.

" Um, and since you’re obviously so passionate about this… How do I say this? " Her grip on her fingers tightened slightly.

" Being here and all… I want to be of more use besides… Moral support. If we’re all here to fight nightmares together, then I want to believe I was brought here for more than that. Not all of what I’m saying is for everybody else, even my sister, but really… me. Can I maybe ask you to… y’know? " Anna hoped the blonde understood where she was going with this.

Something she really cared about…? Eyebrows lifted at that comment. Was fighting something she was truly passionate about? She felt alive, so she fought. It wasn’t that she cared about it or felt excited about it… Fighting held no particular meaning one way or the other, except the sensations that overcame you for a short period of time.

A finger her chin. Was it really a passion? That question kept repeating in her mind, now curious about her own intentions. How strange… Brows knitted together for a short moment, barely listening as the other girl continued to speak. ‘fight nightmares together’ drew her gaze back up, and had her head falling to one side. That was right, wasn’t it, in the end they were all working towards the same goal so technically they were fighting together.

"You’d like to learn how to fight?" She let the smile oh so naturally slip over her face again. Well, that was an interesting thought… She did have a lot of spare time on her hands too… Plus the more other people knew of how to fight and at the very least defend themselves, the less time she had to spend potentially looking out for them. "Well, first you might need better clothing, if you are serious about it. Second… it will be rather difficult."

jυѕт тнe eɴd { open }


[Didn’t seem like she suspected anything from those few moments of visible surprise…good. At least his skills of playing things off weren’t fading in the least yet. Those would come in handy in such an unfamiliar place like this, especially when faced with situations like this. Although, he had to admit; that really wasn’t the attire you’d expect to see in the competition. It seemed too fancy and liable to get dirty.]

Ehe, you’re welcome!

[The delight in her words was clear, but then again, Taro was easily doing the same; for all he knew, she was as good a faker as he was. Only time would be able to tell, but he had no plans of letting his guard down around another competitor, whether she knew him or not. Who knew if the rules still applied here in some way or form? Not exactly something he was dying to find out.]

Really? You would?


That’s really nice of you-ssu!

[It was an offer, and he intended to take it; it’d give him a chance to learn quite a bit more about his future opponents as well as get around easier. He made sure the glee leaked into his every word, excitement practically radiating off him.]

"It would be a pleasure." Company after all wouldn’t be completely unwelcomed, especially if something happened while they were out and about. She wasn’t exactly expecting too much to occur, but you never knew what might happen. After all, she never expected to… well basically have been kidnapped by someone she couldn’t deal with on her own.

Looking in the direction she was originally heading in, her head tilted slightly to one side. “It’s much better to explore with someone than by yourself, after all.” Thumb and index finger lifted to press against her chin in a moment of thought. “Where should we look first? There wasn’t too much back the way I came from.” Not that she’d seen, or… at least there was nothing terribly important to note.

Her hand lowered as she made up her mind, not exactly waiting for an answer from the boy before starting to move at a leisurely pace in the direction she chose. “It’s strange, but you think they would at least chose older people to deal with this problem, instead of just kids.” Then again she doubted he was a normal child, and she herself certainly wasn’t ‘just a kid’.

» » ßεαming with Confidεncε [ intro // open ]


• •  ✽  }    The princess flinched at the quick precision the rock was thrown at. She hadn’t known about a fence even being there until just now. Anna wasn’t going to lie: She was impressed. Whether that was done with the intended target already in mind or not, it still got her attention.

" More like you make it look easy. " Anna would’ve tried it out herself, but she had already made a fool out of herself today. Next time will probably be without her not realizing it at first.

" What did you mean by that though? How you feel ‘truly alive’ when it comes to fighting? Like the energy when in battle? "


Her knowledge was limited to what she read in books from the castle’s library. Where the author went in to beautiful descriptions of living for the moment kind of deals. That rush. Maybe it was similar to when she was running for her life, sort of fought off Elsa’s giant snow monster?

That was true, she supposed that when an expert did things they looked much easier than they were, she had training most her childhood, before her family came into wealth. So it came ‘easy’ to her now, though it took time. “I have had my fair share of training, so it does come easily to me.”

"What do I mean… Um…"

How did she explain it? the feelings that fighting actually brought to her, the life and excitement she felt flood her body when she fought, especially when she had found herself an opponent strong enough that it took more than minutes to beat them. “Well, I mean it makes me feel alive,” the thrill, the rush. Everything…

A finger lifted to her chin, head bowing slightly in thought. “You see, for so long I livedto fight. It’s a very thrilling experience, giving something your all. Winning brings about an edge all it’s own, but fighting itself… It’s something I’m good at, I suppose… Much like a hobby, or a game you love. Fighting allows me to forget everything and focus on the moment that the battle is taking place in. You forget everything else, and… well, it’s quite exhilarating.”

jυѕт тнe eɴd { open }


[For a moment, the brunet’s face seems to fall, confusion spreading as familiarity hits like a speeding train. Of all the faces, this was not one he had been expecting to run into. Not that he had been expecting to see any power users in the first place, considering the circumstances.

He lets the shock hang on for a few second longer before it returns to the trademark beaming smile, rocking back a bit as he takes in her answer and debates on how to do the same. Taro Myojin was a lot of things, but stupid wasn’t one of them; he knew fully well Marilyn Carrey was a force to be reckoned with. Not anywhere near Robert’s level, but definitely a heavy hitter.]

Waah, I’m sorry, I got a bit distracted! You’re just really pretty, miss-ssu.

[Cover up the moment of surprise with compliments; one of the easiest methods to go by. He chooses his words carefully and decides it’d be best to avoid mentioning the competition altogether. The last thing he needed was an annoyingly competent enemy.]

I was just wondering…do you know a bit more about here? I just got here, and…

[He tilts his head and let’s his expression fall in faux-embarrassment, to reinforce his next words.]


I’m sort of lost….

It was almost as if he’d seen a ghost? Just why was he looking so surprised? Marilyn couldn’t quite get it. It wasn’t like she was that out of the ordinary, well, maybe clothing that was a bit more… elaborate and elegant than the average person was wearing on the street, but she hadn’t been given a chance to change into her other clothes yet…

"Oh?" That was surprising, a compliment, how sweet. Not that she would take much stock in it, after all, how she looked mattered very little to her. Even as she provided a cheerful smile to the boy. "Thank you," the words seemed to be edged with delight. "That’s very kind of you to say." And if that was the truth, then he was certainly a sweet boy. However, in a place like this she wasn’t about to take anyone at face value, and would only take words, as just that. Words.

A light ring of laughter came out at the embarrassment. “I just got here recently myself, though I don’t mind helping you look for where you’re going.” After all, she wanted to do her own exploring of this place to get used to everything. While this place wasn’t where they would be doing their fighting, it was where they’d be forced to live, so the sooner she got accustomed to it, the better.

[ A look of scorn ]


ϟ   Dry leaves underfoot resonated in a thicket of towering redwoods, as well as the constant hum of the landscape. Obscurity cloaked a man in the twilight, as it should be. Save ivory skin and auric opticals, though remaining inconspicuous was not necessary. 

[ Why have I come here? As far as I’m concerned, this place is worthless. ]


Rumors of a dojo seemed prevalent, but hardly. There were no distinct intentions whatsoever. Just an agitated Nova who refused to remain still. The option of rest remained and was marked, finally ceasing the constant hike when a stream came into view. Apathetically, Wingul took notice but stood in silence. Throat dry with thirst, it only fueled discontent when an exposed backside was also visible, having faced a larger spring connected to streams of moisture at his feet. A shame that he was in no mood for company. And offering the edge of his sword was brutish and distasteful, in spite of an abandoned mission upon waking.


As if materializing from thin air, a swordsman of noble stature abruptly perched at the foot of the spring, mute and dipping cupped palms for a drink of water. Company was utterly disregarded.

The girl had been certain for a long time that she wasn’t the only person who was currently exploring the forest, especially with how the forest grew quieter. Well, it could have been partially due to the strangeness of this world, or whatever creatures had lived in the woods. She was content to explore, despite the dangers to herself, but it didn’t keep her mind from wondering to the bad things that might happen while she explored.

Stopping for a rest, she knelt next to the water’s edge. Removing the pair of gloves and rolling up the long sleeves of green, Marilyn splashed water multiple times over her face before taking several long gulps from the chilled stream. It felt nice, out here, and the survival aspect that came with having been exploring the woods so long was… actually rather calming, it cleared her mind.

As much as she was enjoying herself, the realization that someone else was here had gone completely unnoticed, until the sound of something moving through the water, only a little ways away… Immediately, the blonde’s head shot up, eyes turning to stare at the man in silence. Standing up she quickly wiped her hands on her pants and pulled the gloves back on.

"I didn’t think others would actually come exploring the forest so soon." With a friendly smile she approached the stranger.

o1} One Battle To The Next {Open}


    ━━━ & 》  ♚

    “This place is just another battlefield, isn’t it? How wonderful, don’t you agree?”

Turning her head, Elsa regarded the speaker with a peculiar expression, one eyebrow raised high. Well, no, Elsa didn’t agree. For one, she’d never been on a real, war battlefield before, and two, if she was, she highly doubted she’d think it wonderful to be in another. It could just be her lack of experience, but Elsa suspected there was nothing wonderful about being on a battlefield.


               “ No,” she said at last, ‘o' drawn out for a second longer,
                             “ I can’t say I agree with that statement. ”

Elsa pivoted herself so she fully faced the other female now, curious and enthralled that she would say such a thing. Her appearance did not go unnoticed, and though Elsa, of all people, did not judge purely by looks, she knew they still counted for something.

     There was definitely a story to tell if a highly bred girl found another battlefield wonderful.

                        “ What makes you say that, if I may ask so boldly? ”

    ━━━ & 》  ♔

Well, that was such a quick disagreement. Then again she hardly expected everyone to just agree with her right off the hop. Still it was just a touch disheartening. Fighting truly was a wonderful experience. Perhaps that was only because of how she was raised. Even with the voice of disagreement, the fourteen-year-old, still kept a smile on her lips, as if to show how much fun she was having with the idea alone.

Well, the words had at least garnered the attention of the other woman who seemed more than well off, herself. Twirling the parasol twice she lowered and closed it. “Well…” How to explain what made her say something like that?

Gaze shifted from the company to the treeline. Smile still in place, but no longer as a false or overly radiant smile. “Because it’s true.” That was the simplest way to answer the question. “Nothing is more wonderful than the rush you get when you’re fighting. It makes me feel… Alive.” And that, was hard to do. “Besides,” a laughter rung out now, “it’s rather fun~”

» » ßεαming with Confidεncε [ intro // open ]


• •  ✽  }    Anna simply shrugged at the statement. This wasn’t the only time she was the first to do something that someone wasn’t used to. In fact, she got that a lot more in her childhood than she does now, but still.

" Ahaha, I bet! I guess that was just me um, what was it? Using my surroundings, yeah! A rock isn’t all that threatening though… "


In retrospect, that was a rather funny way to threaten someone. Maybe if she grabbed something like a wooden plank, or say, a lute… Then maybe she would’ve at least been a little more threatening. Not by much, but it was something. 

" Oh! Can you really break arms though? Not! Not that I’m asking you to do that to someone right now! Girls who can fight are so cool. Especially when some people think we shouldn’t, but forget them. ” Whenever she thought of girls who could fight, she always thought of Joan of Arc. Both one of her favorite paintings and historical person.

What a strange girl, Marilyn had no real clue how to feel towards her, and it was a little troublesome. From a rather terrible attempt to threaten, then to apologetic, and now curious… Well, at least she rebounded quickly. The blonde moved her way over to the rock, picking it up in one gloved hand, rolling it lightly between her fingers.

Giving a moment of thought, and a nod she took the rock and whipped it hard towards a wooden fence, making a small indent and chipping slightly at the wood. Rubbing her fingers together afterwords she allowed her hand to fall away to her side. “It’s fairly easy to do,” especially when she’d learned to fight so long ago.

A smile slowly spread over her lips, blue gaze only looking at the princess from the corners.I can’t say it’s ‘cool’, however, I feel truly alive when it comes to fighting.”

a questionaire for role players

how long have you role played for: Um at least… fourteen years? Though most of that time was ‘make-belief’ on the playground.
your first rp genre:
Um… Various fandom rping. Lion King, Sailor Moon, Digimon, Pokemon, Final Fantasy.
first character’s name:
The earliest oc I can remember… Is probably ‘Sailor Sun’ or was it ‘Sailor X’? I don’t remember.
first character’s face claim:
None, I didn’t start using face claims until really recently.
first character’s species: 
last character’s name:
Kyrina Nightkutter
last character’s face claim:
She doesn’t have one, I just used a random deviant art piece.
last character’s species:
how did you get into rp: 
Um… School yard playing? Then MSN forums, then Neopets?
do you prefer tumblr or forums:
 Well, right now I’m super fond of tumblr. I used to be a forum rper, but I don’t know any good forums.
have you roleplayed with someone you know irl: 
Yes. Me and my friend always rped together, all the way up until… last year.
what is your favorite genre of rp: 
I don’t know… I guess… Probably horror? Or action? Something that just gives me something to actually do.
what is your least favourite genre of rp:
 Hm… Probably fights? I don’t know, I’m not good at rping out fights.
if you could change one thing about the rp community, what would it be: 
I don’t know… I complain about a lot of things… I couldn’t even chose one thing I’d change. As long as you find the right group of people, then everything is fine.
how long has a plot lasted for you:
 Um… I guess… Two or three months? At the most. But that’s with continuous IM rping… I’ve had tumblr threads go on longer, but that’s because of slow replies.
are you open for plotting:
Yeah, of course. Though, I’m not the best at plotting.
do you have any restrictions when it comes to plots:
Nope! I love everything. 8D
what fc are you craving to play as of late: I dunno, I’m more into canon characters than OC characters. And I’m playing all the canon characters I want to at the moment.

» » ßεαming with Confidεncε [ intro // open ]


• • • }    It probably wasn’t the best idea to impulsively act as if she was facing an enemy. With a rock, no less. She had seen regular people walking on the streets as well, heck, they even passed her with no acknowledgement. It looks like a mix of confidence and anxiousness got to her, now… Now, she was facing an intimidating women. In both looks and speech. A girl who could be threatening and classy definitely was a force to be reckoned with, she was sure about that. It even sent an uneasy chill down her spine as she took a step back.

The rock was thrown to her side, and now her hand held on to wrung fingers. No use trying to fight. The girl knew she could at least run away should the situation call for it.

" Okay, okay. I put it down. " No fiesty pants Anna, this time. She did keep one foot back though.

" I’m probably not the only one who’s acted all anxious like an idiot, and resorted to stuff like that, huh? "


At least the other seemed to understand… And with the rock softly clicking against the ground the smile went from cold to a much more genuine one, almost as if she hadn’t threatened to break the other girl’s arm at all. In fact she was acting perfectly natural already.

She supposed that any normal person might be jumpy on arrival. So really, she shouldn’t have judged the other girl to harshly. Then again, by her own standards it was a rather harsh reaction, seeing as how her own views of this new world were rather filled with a degree of boredom and a hint of curiosity. Marilyn hardly found a chance to actually feel afraid or some emotion of that sort in this place…

"I see," was all she could say for a good moment. "I suppose not, I’m sure there are a lot of people feeling anxious, however you’re the first to threaten someone with a rock. At least the first that I’ve seen." But she met so few people that weren’t a part of this world to begin with…

No Illusions. | Open


Lights were beautifully set across a night sky over a city which was still unknown. Shapes of buildings that were far off a normal village, streets made up of hard stone. Each surface held a sense of realism to the touch, fingertips leaving their mark. Crowds of people gathered on streets each with different emotions, separated gazes, life in their eyes.All were individual down to the very core. Time progressed slowly and every detail made it apparent that the world accustomed to had then been replaced with another.

Red eye which held a power foreign to the now present setting looked far and wide for any traces of imperfection that may break an illusion. Genjutsu comprised of even the most skilled of ninja could never hope to reach this level of truth. These people were as real as his every breath. The streets were as solid as his chest. And while many of the factors were against him there was nothing he could do. In a way, the task set out before him,— against his will and all — was nothing more than another mission.

"I guess it can’t be helped.


A hand pulled down forehead protector just as always, sigh escaping his lips and shoulders letting lose for a moment. Right eye opened to spot several others within the area which were also vastly different than the people of this world. Just as the pretty redhead had said, there were many others alongside him who were pulled against their knowledge. Despite his own mysterious features behind a mask the ninja approached one of the few with his arms displaying friendliness in the form of light waving.

"Yo! I take it you’re also beside yourself with the current turn of events, huh? It seems you and I are allies so to speak. Probably not a pleasure to meet, but you may call me Kakashi." Having to introduce himself to a stranger… How long had it been?

While this wasn’t the tournament that she had signed up for, there was still the opportunity to fight for the sake of fighting, which was honestly much more than she could have hoped for. The only real concern that she could have in this situation, would using her abilities on non-power users still result in the loss of a talent, or would she be safe from those side effects, now that she was no longer somewhere that ‘god’ could enforce the rules? An important question, and something she would have no real answer for. She couldn’t memorize all the talents she had left, and there was no way to tell without trying every single one of them, to see if she’d lost them. Maybe this was going to be more dangerous than she’d thought… Well… She would still fight, the girl supposed.

She was busy going over all her training, quietly in her mind, when someone spoke to her. Eyes lifted and the blond lowered her parasol, head shifting towards the very unusual looking man. Beside herself? Allies? That almost had her actually laughing.

"I’m hardly beside myself," no older than fourteen, and she found herself excited by the situation. “In fact, as long as I’m allowed to fight, I’m more than content to stay here,” she could get stronger. Allies… She wasn’t sure if she needed those… They might simply get in the way… “though, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Kakashi. My name is Marilyn Carrey.” A slight incline of her head, and she moved the parasol to rest lightly against her shoulder once again.

There was a friendly smile on the girl’s face, as though not one thing in the slightest was wrong with their situation.